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I mentioned Celine Dion, the famous cup of coffee with a dash of unsalted butter kissing me good morning and my fingers writing until I cramp up. So what else is there to mention? Who am I? Well, I've come to the understanding that it's hard to describe as I'm someone who's not defined by my surroundings, my work, my titles or my environment. I view all the above as incredible bonuses to my life. Who I am is what resides inside of me and that changes every single day. What I mean with that is that who I was yesterday is somewhat different from who I am today. I learn something new, expand and choose to grow on a daily basis and that's a well-chosen goal. My focus is my inner peace, growing introspection, acceptance of myself, surrendering to my destiny, knowing my sub-consciousness as my consciousness, my spirituality and expanding my love for all there is to love in this world.

But if you want to know a little about my non-defined personality traits, here we go! When I'm not occupied with my Spotify playlists reminding of a typical 90's romantic drama cliché, I read until my eyes wander in crisscross, I pin my favorite pics to my cyber vision board on Pinterest, I meditate myself to mindfullness and educate myself through plenty of different channels like YouTube, Ted-Talks, webinars and podcasts. I'm a true mirror performer when I'm home alone! My job is being the arms and legs of an insanely cool and sharp woman in a wheelchair who needs my assistance to do her everyday tasks. Her soul is so pure and she inspires me each and every day. I spend most of my free time with my cherished friends and my extremely handsome and warm-hearted man (oh my goodness I love him!) who brought along the priceless gift of a wonderful stepdaughter, who loves my two four-legged precious babies almost more than I do. I can't introduce myself without giving my mom the spotlight she deserves. She's been my mother, my father, my best friend, my advisor, my role model and my mentor. She is my absolute everything!

I've studied anatomy, nutrition, marketing, communology (a crossing of psychology and communication only to be studied in Sweden and Norway), theta healing, make-up artist and massage therapy. As I've mostly been my own boss I've been able to live a rich and varied life working with all of it. I lived in Los Angeles for a few years, but decided to move back to my hometown Oslo and my whereabouts at this moment is in the heart of this city.

Lots of love, Linn-Eva. Or Linni as my friends call me. 
Btw: I'm a hugger. I love hugs.