This is love!

This is my first text about finding the love of my life. It's out there. It does exist. He is real. 


It all started with a blissful light scream when I read his first message saying I'm the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. That joyful scream echoed in my mind for hours until I heard from him again. When we met it was love at first sight. I know it might sound crazy, but I fell in love with the illusion of who I thought he would be, before we met. My senses arose so instantly I could feel my soul sing the most harmonious melodies, even before I knew him. Or did I know him? How else could I know that I just knew right from the start that "this is it"? How could I be so certain? Did I love him in another lifetime and promised his soul I would find him again? That I would need 28 years, 4 months, 14 days, 20 hours and 10 minutes to prepare myself to open up to a love so strong words can't even begin to describe it. A love so powerful it stretches far beyond what is humanly possible to understand in this illusion of physical three-dimensional existence. A vibration and frequency so intense, so high, that for us to attract it into our lives we had to spend years, maybe lifetimes apart to enlighten it in ourselves to be able to receive it. From the bottom of the deepest corners of my soul, yes, I do believe so. What else could it be when he's so familiar to me? How can it be that as I'm spending more time with him it feels less like I'm getting to know him, but more so that I remember who he is. Every kiss and I love you, every whisper and every move he makes brings me closer to the conclusion that I've loved him before. In another place, in another body, in another existence, another dimension, in another life. Now and then when I look at him, I recognize him. Like a lovely Deja Vu awakening the awareness where my soul offers me the euphoric sensation that this is my destiny. A reminder that it was all preplanned. Like I've been there before. And I have. I know I have. It's like he's always existed in my sub-consciousness, unknowingly pulling me in directions that would lead me to him again. When I imagine us in my mind I see galaxies and starsystems bursting in flames. An explosion of love so unconditional I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that in him, I see not only my future, I see my inner pilot. A guidance so bright that I know without a doubt he is a part of the purpose my spiritual being, my soul, chose this human travel. When I look into his eyes I hear the archangels sing in gospel tunes: "Welcome home". To me, he is the purest form of perfection. I love that man so much it physically hurts sometimes. I'm so out of this world in love with everything about him. It's impossible to put into words the million things he doesn’t even know he’s doing that are making me love him more with every nanosecond flying by. I've never felt such a genuinely understanding and agreement between my heart, mind and soul. Like every part of my very being finally speaks the same language. The language of love singing that he is The One. I love him so deeply, so madly I've even questioned my own sanity. I've always said, if it's not crazy and passionate to the core, I don't want it. Him and I are all that. We're more than that. His craziness matches my craziness. His insanity matches mine. He fits me like a tailored glove. I crave him in ways I've never craved before. To me, his body is like a masterpiece designed and put together in such a way that when my eyes and fingertips embrace him, I surrender. I want him in ways reminding me of addiction. Every time he touch me I feel his force and power bring more fuel to the flame inside me burning for us. The souls in us were destined to touch. Across space, across time, along paths we could not predict but destined to go. What's meant to be will find its way. When we found each other, I found myself. The deepest, realest place within me also resides within him. My soul and his soul are one, split in two halves, burning individually and independently in both of us. Twin flames, reunited. I'm as grateful as I can be. I feel secure and safe with the knowledge that when this life is over I will find him again in another lifetime, in another world, in any version of reality. I will find him and I will choose him. I will love him unconditionally, over and over and over again. For all eternity I am him, he is me, we are one. Inseparable. Unbreakable. Indestructible. Unshakable. Irreplaceable. Untouchable. Inextinguishable. Undying. Unconditional everlasting love.

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