Placebo, mindfulness & meditation

We base our entire world on knowledge. Knowledge is power. Lack of knowledge is lack of power. BUT, the scientific knowledge we've been operating with for many centuries are actually found not to be valid today. Which means we've been operating with misperceptions and misbeliefs about our physical and mental existence. If you have a misperception, that misperception can kill you. You're lying to yourself if you tell yourself that your illness, pain and suffering controls your life.

We may look at an anorexic girl and say; "That girl is killing herself. There's nothing left of her. She's only skin and bones." But what this girl sees when looking in the mirror is a whole other story. When she looks in the mirror she sees an over-weighted bloated person. Which is a misperception, because she's not. Right? And what does this misperception lead to? This misperception is going to kill her if she takes it too far. There is nothing wrong with her biology or her body in general; it's her perception of what she believes about her body that is wrong. It's the integrated belief system within her mental state that's wrong. But there's always a way out. Once something is integrated wrongly you can always reverse it, restructure it and put it back together the way it's supposed to be. The only way to do so is to practice to use our minds in the process. 

The belief that illness, pain and suffering control our lives is a belief making us victims. "I just can't control it anymore. There's nothing I can do about it.” That irresponsible nature leads us to destroying ourselves, sometimes even killing ourselves. Science says; "No, illness, pain and suffering does not control your life! Your mind controls your life!" Your mind is acting through epigenetic control. Epigenetic control means that if you change your mind and your perception you change your biology. In other words; you're the master of your life. If you let the illness, pain and suffering control you, you let yourself become a victim. As soon as you let yourself be a victim you let go of your the minds power. Our minds not only shape our mental world, the science of epigenetics totally reveals that we can use our minds as the shaper of our physical world and physical health.

Think about this for a minute. You are an individual. What does individual mean? Split the word: in - dividual. This means you're not capable of separating yourself. You're inseparable. So the perception of having to divide the mental and the physical health is certainly a misperception. You might not believe me when I say mental health affects your physical health. But if you don't believe me, please explain the endless scientific reports proving placebo to be as real as day, existing only in our minds.


The word healing is to many a scary and very "spiritual" word. But healing does only mean a process of becoming healthy again. Imagine how great it would be if you could use your mind to heal your way out of pain and suffering. Well, you can! The placebo effect is harnessing the healing power of the mind. Placebo is easier for us to wrap our minds around because it's scientifically proven to exist. "Placebo" and "healing with our minds" are the exact same things. It's not a spiritual hippie term. It's just a change of words.

Don't get me wrong here. In no way am I saying that actual illness only exists in the mind. I am saying that your mental health affects your physical health. Mindfulness practice and meditation trains you to perceive and relate to your life in a way where you can control your mind to not let the physical be in control. Mindfulness will help you in your healing process. It might even speed up the process because, again, the science of epigenetics reveals that you can use your mind as the shaper of your physical world and physical health. Where do placebo, mindfulness practice and meditation connect? It all exist in your mind.
Coming soon: "How to practice mindfulness and how to meditate."

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